Information to calculate the delivery times

The delivery times listed in the articles is the amount of time the order is received, including the payment order until the arrival of the article to you. This is made up of three individual times:

1 The time until we have received the cash receipt (0-3 days)
2 Our processing time (0-1 days) - If payment is received to 15 clock we usually ship the same day.
3 The term of the package (1-2 days)

This then results in a minimum of one day up to six days. Use as a payment method Paypal, credit card or instant transfer reduces the delivery time already to a maximum of three days. The deadline for delivery begins when paying in advance on the day after the payment order to the remitting bank. If the last day of the period falls on a Sunday or a delivery nationally recognized public holiday, it shall the next working day at the place of such a day.

The delivery times with DHL in our shop are valid for shipments within Germany. For shipments in other countries, you add up the durations of the packet in just days according to the following table:

Country Additional days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
Austria 2
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 6
Denmark 1
Finland 2
France 3
Great Britain 2
Greece 4
Hungary 3
Ireland 2
Italy 2
Lithuania 2
Netherlands 2
Norway 4
Portugal 4
Slovenia 2
Spain 3
Sweden 1
Switzerland 2